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What is the scope of industrial air conditioning? How should daily maintenance be maintained?
Jan 02, 2019

The industrial cabinet air conditioner is specially designed for the application in the communication field. The air in the electrical cabinet is cooled by two separate and isolated cycles inside and outside, and the heat in the cabinet is dissipated out of the cabinet through heat exchange, thereby solving the outdoor communication cabinet and wireless outdoor. Heat dissipation problems such as cabinet base stations and battery cabinets. It provides ideal temperature and humidity environment for all kinds of cabinets, and isolates dust and corrosive gases in the external environment, prolongs the service life of electrical components and improves the reliability of machine system operation. Applicable to electrical control box, communication, communication equipment, data processing box and heavy motor equipment control box.

Routine maintenance

1, wiring: visual inspection to see if there is loose

2, the fan is abnormal: the fan is turned, whether the rotation is smooth, and there is no abnormal sound

3, drain pipe: visual inspection of the drain pipe is dirty

4, condenser: check the condenser cleaning, clean the condenser with compressed air

5, fixing screws: check whether the fixing screws are firm, pay attention to strengthen the fixed

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