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How to choose outdoor rain box
Jan 02, 2019

When buying outdoor rainproof electric boxes, we must pay special attention to the quality of outdoor rainproof electric boxes. Quality has always been our first consideration when purchasing products. Let's take a look at the specific issues that need attention.

1. The gap between the outdoor rain-proof electric box is too large, and the empty drum is serious. In this case, we need to fill the empty drum with cement mortar.

2. The elevation or verticality of the outdoor rainproof box exceeds the allowable deviation. It is caused by inaccurate measurement positioning or uneven ground level, and should be corrected in time.

3. Whether there is anti-corrosion on the outside of the box, the inside of the rough inner box should be repaired and leveled, and the inside and outside should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and fire prevention measures should be considered.

4. The position of the two-layer board in the box and the piping of the inlet and outlet lines are improperly handled, resulting in irregular wiring arrangement. In the installation, the position of the inlet and outlet piping should be placed behind the second-layer board.

5. The iron frame is not square. Before the installation of the iron frame, the alignment is not straightened, or the position of the fixed point is offset during the installation. The application of the suspension wire is corrected and then fixed.

6. Panel electric tools, instruments are not firm, flat or uneven spacing, the head is not strong, the head is damaged, and the multi-strand wire head is not equipped with crimp terminals. There is no card frame under the brakes. Screws that are not tight should be tightened, and the spacing should be uniform at high speed as required. The part of the broken core should be cut off and reconnected. The multi-strand line should be fitted with the crimping terminal, and the card frame should be refilled.

7. The cross section of the grounding conductor is not enough or the cross section of the protective grounding wire is not enough, and the protective grounding wire is connected in series. If these non-conformities are met, the relevant provisions shall be corrected.

8. The wiring after the disc is not arranged neatly. It should be bundled in bundles and fixed in the tray.

9. Outdoor rain-proof electric box missing parts, such as hinges, locks, screws, etc., should be equipped with various components required for installation. The solder joints on the inner wall of the iron box are rusted, and the anti-rust paint should be replenished. The iron box shall not be opened by electric (steam) welding, and the hole opening shall be used for opening.

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