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Just remember the life of the cabinet air conditioner
Jan 02, 2019

The cabinet air conditioner is specially designed for the application in the communication field. The air in the electrical cabinet is cooled by two independent and isolated cycles inside and outside, and the heat in the cabinet is dissipated out of the cabinet through heat exchange, thereby solving the outdoor communication cabinet and the wireless outdoor cabinet. Heat dissipation problems such as base stations and battery cabinets.

Summer is the peak season for cabinet air conditioner sales. When purchasing cabinet air conditioners, it is very important to look at the quality of the cabinet. Maintenance is also an essential part of the cabinet air conditioner. The cooling and heating effects and service life of the cabinet air conditioner are tight. Inseparable relationship. The following is a brief introduction to the precautions and maintenance tips for using the cabinet air conditioner in daily life.

First, maintenance tips

1. Cabinet air conditioner uses power saving method

Cabinet air conditioners are considered to be a large power consumer in electrical appliances. Whether the cabinet air conditioner consumes electricity or not, the number of startups of the cabinet air conditioner is very important. When the cabinet air conditioner is started, the current required is relatively large, and the power consumption is relatively high. Therefore, the startup period is relatively power-consuming. The average family can make good use of the timing function, so that the cabinet air conditioner does not work all night, and can maintain the indoor temperature. Generally, the user starts from 5 pm, and sets the indoor temperature as much as possible after setting the running time of 4-5 hours. Reduce indoor temperature rise caused by convection with outside air.

2. Cabinet air conditioner housing, internal and filter maintenance

There are various spacers on the panel on the air-conditioning case of the cabinet to collect dust easily. It can be cleaned regularly with a soft leather and scrubbed with a neutral soap of no more than 40 °C. However, you must pay attention to the use of volatile oil, gasoline and acids. Chemical scrubbing.

The internal maintenance method of the cabinet air conditioner, the cabinet air conditioner is used for a long time, the indoor opportunity has a lot of dust and bad smell, which directly affects the cooling effect of the cabinet air conditioner and the indoor environment, so long-term regular cleaning is necessary. The easy-to-use method is to clean the indoor heat exchanger, carefully remove the panel, scrub with a soft rag, and gently brush the heat exchanger of the indoor unit with a small brush, but note that the heat sink is very thin aluminum. The material is easily deformed after being stressed, so it should be carefully brushed to avoid abnormal operation of the cabinet after air conditioning.

Cleaning of the indoor filter, if your filter is dirty, then the air conditioning and cooling effect of your cabinet must not be very good, so you should clean it regularly to ensure the normal operation of the cabinet air conditioner.

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