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How To Improve The Safety Factor Of The Power Distribution Cabinet
Jan 02, 2019

The power distribution cabinet is now an indispensable equipment in people's lives. It plays a role in protecting, controlling and monitoring the circuit system. People know that it is a very dangerous thing to pay attention to protection. Therefore, the safety factor of the power distribution cabinet is also very important.

More and more power distribution cabinet manufacturers have realized the importance of safety of power distribution cabinets. In order to strengthen the safety factor of power distribution cabinets, manufacturers will take corresponding measures to further strengthen the tightness of power distribution cabinets. It should be known that the overall layout of the power distribution cabinet is a metal frame structure, which can enhance the internal safety. Then, what other aspects can improve the safety factor of the power distribution cabinet? This article will briefly introduce the following.

The inside of the power distribution cabinet protects the circuit, so the cabinet itself and the internal materials must use non-combustible materials, otherwise accidents are likely to occur during the power consumption. The power distribution cabinet should be configured according to the installed environment. The power distribution cabinet in the office can be opened, which can save costs and ensure safety. If the environment is bad, the closed power distribution cabinet should be installed. .

All components and wiring inside the power distribution cabinet should be neatly arranged and kept clean, which can be convenient for users to manage, and timely measures can be taken to solve problems when problems occur. Outdoor power distribution cabinets should be inspected and maintained regularly. After encountering bad weather such as rain and rain, it is necessary to check whether there are any problems such as water accumulation.

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