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Briefly Describe How Low Voltage Distribution Cabinets Should Be Routed
Jan 02, 2019

The low-voltage power distribution cabinet is a device for power conversion and control of power distribution under the action of a specific current and voltage distribution system. It has the characteristics of strong breaking capacity, good dynamic thermal stability and flexible electrical scheme, and is easy to assemble. Is the equipment that many manufacturers will choose now, so how should the low-voltage power distribution cabinet be wired during installation? This article is followed by a brief introduction.

Firstly, the wiring of the power distribution cabinet needs to be selected first. Only the proper position can ensure the normal and safe operation of the low-voltage power distribution cabinet. When selecting the site, the low-voltage power distribution cabinet needs to choose a clean and non-corrosive substance. Close to the load center, the environment is preferably relatively dry.

Secondly, the environment of the low-voltage distribution cabinet wiring needs to be safe and reliable. It needs an environment that is easy to install and operate. If high- and low-voltage power distribution cabinets are arranged in the same room at the same time, there must be a certain distance and safety passage between the two. . When wiring, it is necessary to take corresponding protective measures around it to avoid the danger of unrelated people entering the contact.

The wiring of low-voltage power distribution cabinets needs to consider various factors, such as the characteristics of the installation environment, the distance between people and lines, and other profit that the wiring may suffer. When wiring, you need to pay attention to some possible factors, such as external heat. , water ingress, mechanical damage, etc. will affect the wiring of low-voltage power distribution cabinets.

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