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How To Choose The Correct Installation Location For The Cabinet Air Conditioner
Jan 02, 2019

For the cabinet air conditioner, many customers only think that it is installed on the cabinet. The installation is installed on the cabinet. Others do not need to be considered. In fact, this is wrong. The choice of the cabinet air conditioner for the installation position. It is very particular about it. Today, Xiaobian is here for everyone to introduce:

1. The air conditioner of the cabinet should be installed in an environment with good ambient air quality. Do not place it in air with poor quality such as corrosive gas, flammable gas, dust gas or oily gas; if it is really needed in dust and oil If air conditioners are installed in a poor quality environment, be sure to clean and maintain the air conditioner every day.

2. The air conditioner of the cabinet should be installed in a place with good ventilation and easy heat discharge. Because the air conditioner will discharge heat when it is running, if the airflow around the air conditioner is not smooth, it will easily cause the temperature around it to rise, which will affect the cooling of the air conditioner. effect.

3. Do not place any objects around the cabinet air conditioner to keep the air flowing smoothly;

4. The air conditioner of the cabinet should not be placed in a place where the sunlight can be directly exposed to avoid heat absorption due to sunlight, which affects the cooling effect.

5. Please install the cabinet air conditioner in the range of ambient temperature below 45 °C, high temperature series below 65 °C;

6. Please pay attention to the upper and lower positions when installing. Never install it upside down. The front, rear, left and right must be vertical, and the inclination angle is not more than 5°.

7. The minimum distance between the electrical components of the air outlet and the air outlet in the control cabinet should be greater than 200mm. Because the distance is too close, the surface of the electrical component is prone to water film phenomenon, which leads to electrical failure. If it is unavoidable, please add a piece of insulation material in front of the electrical components; and the electrical components around the air outlet in the box should be kept at a certain distance from the air outlet to reduce the air flow resistance inside the box.

8. When the cabinet air conditioner works, the electric control cabinet should be sealed around, and the door should be opened as few times as possible, so that the temperature and humidity of the air in the cabinet can be controlled under ideal conditions.

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