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Different Materials Of Electrical Cabinet Materials Use Different Effects
Jan 02, 2019

We often see the use of power distribution cabinets in different industries, and the things installed inside the power distribution cabinets are very dangerous, so we can also call them electrical boxes, on many old-fashioned residential walls. There are small boxes installed, and that is

The power distribution cabinet we are talking about is mainly the main switch for installing the home power supply, as well as all the lines in the home. So to a large extent, the power distribution cabinet also plays a role of beauty and safety.

At present, the power distribution cabinets used in the market are basically stainless steel power distribution cabinets. Since the surface of stainless steel is relatively smooth and there is no rot and rust, even for a long time, the wind is blowing. There will be no change in the surface of the power distribution cabinet

Larger stainless steel power distribution cabinets are often used outdoors, and the surface is marked with red paint to alert you to electric shock.

Since the wiring cabinets are equipped with wiring, circuit breakers and other related equipment, everyone must be extra careful in the operation. The dangers of the electricity can not be ignored, and do not touch the power distribution cabinet at will. The society is constantly developing and changing,

The distribution cabinets also have a variety of choices in materials. The original power distribution cabinets are mostly made of wood, but now there are more stainless steels on the market.

After a period of wind and sun exposure, the wooden power distribution cabinet will have more serious rot, which will have a serious impact on the use. Even the iron distribution cabinet will have the same problem, so only the stainless steel Material to meet the power distribution cabinet

For outdoor long-term use, the stainless steel distribution cabinet is not only resistant to steam, but also effectively prevents the corrosion of chemical substances.

The selection of materials for stainless steel power distribution cabinets is also required. The high-quality steel materials are used for processing, which not only can effectively protect the components, but also can be used in any different environment, so the distribution of stainless steel Cabinet in the industry

It is also used more and more widely, and the most important thing is that stainless steel can be used for a long time.

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