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How should the cabinet be cleaned
Jan 02, 2019

1, the motherboard cleanup

As the basic hardware of the entire device, it is easy to accumulate dust. When cleaning the motherboard, remove the plug-in, remove the fixing motherboard screws, remove the motherboard, and use a wool brush to remove dust from all parts. When operating, the force should be moderate so as not to damage the surface patch components. If there is too much dust, clean it with absolute alcohol. If there is a temperature measuring component on the motherboard, it must be protected in advance. If there is too much dust in the slot, you can use a hair dryer to clean it.

2, the cleaning of the fan

A large amount of ash is usually accumulated inside and outside the blade of the fan. You can use the brush to rub the ash on the blade by hand against the blade, and then wipe the inside of the fan and fan frame with a damp cloth. It is also possible to add some lubricant to its shaft to make it performance and reduce noise.

3, the cleaning of the surface of the box

For dust on the inner surface of the chassis, wipe it with a wrung wet cloth. Note that the damp cloth should be as dry as possible to avoid residual water stains. It should be blown dry with a hair dryer after wiping.

4, the outside plug, socket cleaning

Generally, the floating soil is first cleaned with a brush and then cleaned with a hair dryer. If there is oil, use a cotton wool ball with absolute alcohol to remove it.

5, the cleaning of the power supply

The power supply is a device that is very easy to accumulate and is heavily affected by temperature. Be sure to pay attention to the internal high voltage when disassembling the power supply. If you do not have any knowledge, do not open it yourself. If you don't disassemble, you can use a hair dryer to blow dust off the power inlet, and clean the fan blades with a stiff brush across the fan filter.

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