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Cantilever control box, CNC operating box hot sale, the reasons are as follows
Jan 02, 2019

1. The sheet metal electric control box and electric control cabinet of the traditional industry are relatively thin, the quality is poor, the painting is easy to fall, the market is very much, the service life is short, and the appearance is not beautiful.

2. The design of domestic traditional sheet metal processing products is unreasonable. The use process is not humanized and the functions are not complete. The new cantilever and imitation Weitu cabinet products are designed reasonably, which makes a good combination of humanization and practicality.

3. The quality of traditional products is not enough. The iron products and the general surface treatment are easy to cause rust and erosion. The pursuit of low cost leads to the material quality and thickness reduction. It is easy to deform over time. The cantilever control box is made of aluminum. The material is light, corrosion resistant, good in color and stable in structure;

4. The traditional design is not beautiful enough. The modular design of the cantilever box replaces the traditional joint grinding with aluminum profiles and aluminum die-cast corner parts. The surface anodized aluminum profiles are easier to wipe, and the cantilever box is always bright and new;

5. Compared with imported parts, our quality has reached a certain level, and there are obvious advantages in price and delivery time. At the same time, our products are more complete, we design more with the actual needs of domestic and foreign customers. Products for customers to choose;

6. The higher requirements for cantilever quality and appearance in the machine tool industry, the plastic machine industry, and the machinery industry, as well as the increased demand for cantilever in the mass production of photovoltaics and solar energy industry, have made our products break through in the new year.

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