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Precautions and maintenance methods when using the cantilever control box
Jan 02, 2019

For the operator, be sure to be very skilled in the structure and performance of the cantilever control box before operating, and operate in accordance with reliable operating procedures, wear insulated clothing, use insulated tools to operate, but the equipment should be in close operation Pay attention to the display of the instrument according to the specified time to copy the dial, and regularly inspect the porcelain bottle, gasoline equipment oil surface and casing, busbar, various electrical joints, if there is overheating, it should be handled in time to avoid accidents; The location hangs the sign.

The operator should not only pay attention to the precautions before the operation, but also need to carry out regular maintenance on a daily basis. Is the low pressure cantilever control box regularly maintained?

The periodic maintenance of the low-pressure cantilever control box is mainly for the inspection and cleaning of the power distribution device, and the operation of the operating mechanism and the separation of the auxiliary contacts should be correct. At the same time, it is necessary to check the performance and fixing of electrical components and accessories; check the corrosion resistance of metal busbars and terminals and the deformation of busbars after pressing; check the cylinder grounding device regularly; check the fixed and fixed contacts The lines in the line should be consistent, the contacts should be in tight contact and ensure adequate pressure. Check the porcelain bottle casing, various electrical connectors and busbars; check whether the connection of each device is good; work closely to pay attention to the display of the instrument and whether the various electrical connectors are overheated.

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