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Safety Production Standardization Refers To The Establishment Of Safety Production Responsibility System
Jan 03, 2019

Safety production standardization refers to the establishment of safety production responsibility system, the development of safety management system and operating procedures, investigation and management of hidden dangers and monitoring of major hazard sources, the establishment of preventive mechanisms, standardize production behavior, so that production processes in line with relevant safety laws and regulations and standards (Environmental protection), measurement (measurement) in a good state of production, and continuous improvement, and constantly strengthen the standardization of enterprise safety production (the company), the production of equipment (materials) .

I Division in January 2014 to achieve safety standardization.


On June 7, 2013, the company's quality management system documents comply with the requirements of ISO9001: 2008 "Quality Management System" and the quality policy in the joint efforts of representatives of company managers, vice presidents of operations, quality managers and leaders of all departments and all employees. In line with business purposes, the relevant functional quality objectives clear. After a three-day audit, TUV review experts announced that I passed the ISO9001-2008 on-site audit work.

The audit of the successful conclusion of the further verification of Anji Huacheng Electric has always insisted "see what customers see, from the customer's point of view" work philosophy, always put the customer's problems in the first place, So many new and old customers of all ages and support.

In the ISO9000 quality management system support, the company constantly improve the internal management system to ensure that the system files in the internal operation of the process play a full, appropriate and effective role, and in accordance with the external environment and internal changes in time to develop and adjust the effective, In line with market demand management methods and methods to maintain continuous improvement.

Through the audit we also recognize that the improvement is endless, the audit team during the audit team for the company made a lot of valuable comments and suggestions for our future work to further improve the direction. To this end, the quality manager, especially in the audit after the end of the convening of thematic meetings, the audit of the issues raised by the full analysis and discussion, and improve the work of the responsibility to the people, in order to be able to sustained and stable for customers High-quality products escort.


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