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Steel Floor Standing Cabinets
Feb 24, 2019


       It has the characteristics of strong explosion-proof, sealed and leak-proof, durable and anti-corrosion. The entire ventilation system is professionally designed and installed to achieve effective discharge. Now the whole wood structure has been eliminated.


       Structure and material description

       (1) Floor-standing fume hood structure is floor-standing. The front and side panels and frame of the cabinet are made of 1.2MM thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The surface treatment of the steel plate is phosphating and sprayed (light gray).

       (2) The two sides of the cabinet are made of steel double-layer hollow or 12MM thick high-strength glass. The top and back panels are made of steel. The lower part of the back panel is movable and detachable, which is convenient for water and electricity in the cabinet. , gas road renovation and maintenance.

       (3) The door structure of the walk-in fume hood is a horizontal sliding door made of aluminum alloy, the surface treatment is phosphating and sprayed (light gray), and the door glass is made of 5MM thick tempered safety glass.

       (4) The length of the walk-in fume hood = outer length - 200 MM, inner width = outer width - 170 MM, inner height = outer height - 300. (5) The light source is a 100W explosion-proof ceiling lamp, which is completely isolated from the gas in the cabinet.

       (6) The power socket, fan switch and lighting switch are all placed on the outer column. The standard is 2 10A six-hole universal socket + 2 16A six-hole socket/set.

       (7) The exhaust vent is matched with the 315PVC pipe, and a manual air volume regulating valve is provided.


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