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The surface of the cabinet cabinet needs to be treated in time
Jan 02, 2019

Oxidation is a common problem, especially for industrial equipment, oxidation is the object of prevention. The equipment is usually sprayed or electroplated for oxidation treatment, but oxidation cannot be completely avoided. Because the sheet metal cabinet is made of different materials. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the selection of materials, especially whether the metal material is excessively oxidized. If this is the case, we cannot choose this sheet processing.

When making the sheet metal cabinet, pay attention to the thickness of the metal must be higher than the thickness of the molded product after processing. However, since metal materials are produced in large quantities by manufacturers, it is inevitable that they will encounter oxidized materials. What should we do with such materials?

There is now a better way to treat the surface oxidation of sheet metal chassis. One is the sand blasting method, which uses the method of spraying micro glass beads to remove the black scale of the outer surface. Another method is to use the non-polluted pickling passivation paste and the cleaning solution which is not poisoned with inorganic additives at normal temperature, which is a commonly used method.

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