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What Should You Pay Attention To When Bending Stainless Steel Cabinets
Jan 02, 2019

In-depth technical research, such as bending, welding and post-processing, in the process of processing stainless steel cabinets is all about the processing and use of the products. For the seemingly simple process of the bending process, we need to know more and improve, so that stainless steel cabinet products can be more developed.

What should be noted in the process of bending the stainless steel chassis:1. The bent part will change in the section of the bending deformation zone, and the smaller the ratio of the bending radius to the plate thickness, the larger the sectional shape change;

2. The bending line of the bending member is perpendicular to the embossing direction, and the shiny surface of the blank is used as the outer surface of the curved member to reduce the outer layer cracking;

3. When the bending is formed, a rebound phenomenon occurs. The larger the ratio of the bending radius to the thickness of the plate, the larger the rebound.

In the process of bending stainless steel cabinets, we need to pay attention to more radius processing, because too large or too small will cause certain difficulties and obstacles for stainless steel cabinets, and for stainless steel cabinet products with different radii, more needs to go Select their corresponding parameters.

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