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Temperature Is One Of The Factors Affecting The Use Of Power Distribution Cabinets
Jan 02, 2019

With the development of society and the advancement of industry, the use of power distribution cabinets is also increasing, and the scope of application is also very wide. The power distribution cabinet can provide protection and monitoring for the circuit system. A large-screen LCD touch screen is provided inside to facilitate early detection of safety problems and avoid accidents.

Many users in the process of using the power distribution cabinet can not determine whether the external temperature has an impact on the power distribution cabinet. First, Xiaobian gives a positive answer. The temperature is very influential for the use of the power distribution cabinet, whether it is high temperature or Low temperatures can affect the operation of the power distribution cabinet.

Some original parts inside the power distribution cabinet are in use condition, and must be operated normally and safely under the corresponding environment. The ambient temperature of the power distribution cabinet should not be higher than forty degrees Celsius, and the low temperature should not be lower than minus twenty-five degrees Celsius. The good thing is to keep the temperature in the spring suitable, that is, twenty-five to thirty degrees Celsius.

The power distribution cabinet can be installed indoors or outdoors. Now many manufacturers choose to install outdoors, so the power distribution cabinet will be exposed to direct sunlight to generate high temperature. The power distribution cabinet will be powered by itself during its operation. It also generates heat, so if it is a summer distribution cabinet, it is easy to malfunction, because the temperature inside the power distribution cabinet will be extremely high, far beyond the specified range.

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