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Application And Characteristics Of High Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet
Jan 02, 2019

High-voltage power distribution cabinet refers to electrical products used for power system power generation, transmission, power distribution, power conversion and consumption, such as switching, control or protection. The voltage grade is 3.6kV~550kV, including high voltage circuit breaker and high voltage. Isolation switch and grounding switch, high-voltage load switch, high-voltage automatic coincidence and segmentation, high-voltage operating mechanism, high-voltage explosion-proof power distribution device and high-voltage switchgear and other major categories. The high-voltage switch manufacturing industry is an important part of the power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing industry and plays a very important role in the entire power industry.

In the production process of the power distribution cabinet manufacturer, strictly comply with the relevant requirements of the standard GB3906-1991 "3-35 kV AC metal-enclosed switchgear" standard, consisting of two parts: the cabinet and the circuit breaker. The cabinet consists of the housing and electrical components. Including insulation), various mechanisms, secondary terminals and wiring.

The high-voltage power distribution cabinet microcomputer comprehensive protection device adopts international advanced DSP and surface mount technology and flexible field bus (CAN) technology to meet the requirements of different voltage levels of substation, and realizes the coordination, digital and intelligentization of substation. This series of products can complete the functions of substation protection, measurement, control, regulation, signal, fault recording, electric energy acquisition, small current grounding line selection, low cycle load shedding, etc., so that the technical requirements, functions and internal wiring of the product are more standardized. . The product adopts distributed protection and monitoring device, which can be installed in a centralized screen or distributed, or can be arbitrarily changed according to user needs to meet different program requirements.

The high-voltage power distribution cabinet microcomputer comprehensive protection device is suitable for protection, monitoring and measurement of voltage levels of 110KV and below. It can be used for protection, control and monitoring of lines, transformers, capacitors, motors, bus PT detection, standby power supply self-injection loop and main equipment. . The unitized design makes it easy to equip it to the primary device as well as centralized screen and centralized control.

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