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Waterproof 304 316 Stainless Steel Control Panel Electric Box

Waterproof 304 316 Stainless Steel Control Panel Electric Box

Waterproof 304 316 Stainless Steel Control Panel Electric Box 1.Material:stainless steel SUS304/SUS316 2.Thickness: door and body 1.2mm, Galvanized mounting plate 1.5mm (When the enclosure is more than 800mm high, body and door is 1.5mm THK, mounting plate is 1.5THK.) 3.Surface treatment: wire drawing, the install palet is zinc coated 4.Color: stainless steel natural color 5.Lock: zinc lock or stainless steel lock 6.Protection Level: IP65 7.Foam PU sealing gasket inside the door. 8.Other accessories can be supplied separately

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Craftsmanship feature
1,There are strengthening strips with pilot holes is welded to both  sides of the door by using the self-tapping M4 screws for the convenient installation (If the enclosure higher than 600mm)
2,The foam PU sealing gasket inside the door.
3,The door can be opened 130°by the plugging hinges
4,The slots design of the enclosure prevents dust and water entering into the enclosures plus the good coordination with foam sealing gasket, which supply a good protection of the enclosure.
5,There are 4 hanging holes in the back of the enclosure, which is very convenient for installation by the wall mounting brackets.
6,The door can be switched by both left and right side(door hinges on the left for the left open door, hinges on the right for the right open door).

Selection Table

PTX2 215       200X200X150PTX6 425     600X400X250
PTX3 215300X200X150PTX7 525700X500X250
PTX3 315300X300X150PTX8 625800X600X250
PTX4 315400X300X150PTX9 625900X600X250
PTX5 415500X400X150PTX10 8251000X800X250
PTX6 415600X400X150PTX10 10251000X1000X250
PTX6 515600X500X150PTX12 8251200X800X250
PTX7 515700X500X150PTX12 12251200X1200X250
PTX8 615800X600X150PTX14 10251400X1000X250
PTX3 2520300X250X200PTX4 330400X300X300
PTX3 320300X300X200PTX5 530500X500X300
PTX4 420400X400X200PTX6 430600X400X300
PTX5 520500X500X200PTX7 630700X600X300
PTX6 620600X600X200PTX8 630800X600X300
PTX7 620700X600X200PTX9 630900X600X300
PTX8 620800X600X200PTX12 10301200X1000X300
PTX8 820800X800X200PTX4 440400X400X400
PTX8 820800X800X200PTX5 540500X500X400
PTX10 10201000X1000X200PTX6 440600X400X400
PTX12 10201200X1000X200PTX6 540600X500X400
PTX3 2525300X250X250PTX7 640700X600X400
PTX4 325400X300X250PTX8 640800X600X400
PTX5 325500X300X250PTX10 8401000X800X400
PTX5 425500X400X250PTX10 10401000X1000X400

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