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Plastic Hinged Plastic Box

Plastic Hinged Plastic Box

Beautiful appearance, excellent processiong and stability shoule be guaranteed by material such as High lntensity ABS, PC, AC Polyester assured

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Beautiful appearance, excellent processiong and stability  shoule  be  guaranteed by material  such  as High  lntensity  ABS, PC, AC Polyester  assured

Flammibility material amd Glass 30% annexing  material.The use is convenient for the installation of Terminal Box, the supply Switchboard,Apparatus

Box, electrical power supply and Control Box etc.

ANJI HUACHENG ELECTRICS CO., LTD. (known as the LOGO of PROTA) is a professional manufacturer, well-known of all kinds of distribution boxes in China, we focus on enclosures. And our products range includes: metal wall mounting enclosures, top stainless steel enclosures, floor standing cabinets, knock-down cabinets, network cabinets, terminal boxes, junction boxes, gland boxes, telephone boxes and so on. 

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